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Automatic update does not work on my system. Most probably because installation path is different from the default. Do not understand why you are given the option to change the installation path when you first install (and no warning is given about possible problems with automatic update when changing the defaults).

The article about automatic updates also states that these updates are now small files.!!! 

However when I look at my user account I can only find a 660Mb installer file. Not really a "small" file. And also, not really much information on how to use the file in case you are updating an existing installation. What is overwritten, how to proceed, .... ???

Is the no way to download the smaller update file ??

I'm puzzled.


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    You can find some information on automatic updates in this article:

    Automatic updates require Live to have certain access rights in order to work; therefore, some installation locations will mean that the update process will not work because Live will not be granted those rights.

    To address your second question, the downloaded files are small in the case of automatic updates - however, the update that you can download manually from your account page is always a full installer. The reason for this is simply that many users may be installing Live from scratch, not updating it. We therefore offer the full version.

    Nevertheless, if you already have a version of Live 9 installed, the new version will overwrite it.

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