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Fairly new user here.

When recording loops in the Session View, is there a way to make Live punch out automatically at the end of the loop duration.  So for example, if I were recording a 4 bar loop, after the loop started to record at the beginning of bar 1, it would stop recording at the end of bar 4 without me having to click on the recording clip a second time?






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    In session view; I don't know a way for audio (am I being dumb? Anyone else know?) but the way I do it for midi is with follow actions. The advantage is that you can record multiple takes one after another but it works fine with just one clip too.

    Create an empty 4 bar midi clip and open it up in clip view. Show the Launch box with the little L control in the bottom left. Set the follow action time to 4 bars and Follow action A to Stop. The clip will now stop after 4 bars.

    For multiple clips, set only the last one to Stop, and all the others to Play Next, now you can do numerous takes in succession.

    You could also get a midi foot controller and map it to the stop button of the track for a manual but more flexible alternative.

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