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Here's my challenge. I'm using Ableton 9 for my live stage performances. I'm a keyboard player and will play soft-syths and not trigger audio clips or anything like that (at least not yet).

For each song in the set I have set up either track or track group set up and the soft-synth loaded (including racks where appropriate). I use a two tier board system with one acting as the control surface (Novation Launchkey 61). I've got it set up nicely now so that when I use the controller to move to the next midi track it auto-arms (using the really useful auto-arm command in the options.txt file). Great, I'm ready to go.

Ah, hang on a moment. There are a number of songs where I need to play both keyboards in the same song. One on midi channel 1 (for example) and the other on midi channel 12 (for example). As I've got auto-arm enabled I was hoping that when I selected a gorup (consisting of two midi tracks) it might auto-arm both tracks. In fact what it does is nothing. I still have to scroll again to the first of the midi-tracks and it'll auto-arm, but of course the second one doesn't. Hmm.....what to do. I could solo both tracks from the controller however this adds to effect and the risk of cock-up in the live situation. Does anyone know of a way to pursuade Ableton to assume that if I select a group then I will want all the midi-channels in that group armed (or even solo'd - if I removed the solo exclusive in the perferences)?

Thanks, Paul.


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  • rvkleinberg
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    In Preferences make sure that Record Warp Launch "Exclusive" is highlighted on Arm. Go to midi map mode, choose a keyboard that you want armed and click the red button and map it to a CC. then do the next one to another button and CC, and when the new one is armed the old one will be disabled.

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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    Yeah, there is one way I know how to do this. (If I understand what you are asking for)

    Just select the tracks you want to arm or solo and then hit one of the solo/arm buttons and it will solo/arm all of them.

    Does this help?

    As for your double channel stuff you have going on, I would say just take advantage of Live's ability to separate notes/velocities in Instrument racks. That would take care of a really easy problem, allowing you to access a whole bunch of different sounds at once in the same track, and just routing them to whatever effect you want.

    Post back with any questions or clarifications I can make.

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  • pb125770
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    Hi Michael,


    Thanks for coming back. What you suggest would work, in terms of selecting multiple track and hit a single arm button but I can't get that to work purely through a controller, without going near the laptop. Unfortunately I must have arm set to exclusive in order to close off the previous midi track which means that even if I select two or more tracks from my controller and then hit one of the arm buttons (mapped to my controller) it figures I have exclusive arm on so still only arms a single track. 


    Looking at this more today - if I could find a button on the Ableton GUI that is 'arm selected track(s)' and map that to my keyboard then I'd be delighted. It might exist but I can't find it yet (I'm relatively new to Ableton). 

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