Authorizing multiple users on same Windows 8 machine

I've contacted support for this, but no answers yet.

Situation : I have a Windows 8.1 with multiple local accounts. There's an account for the administration, one for our booker and composer, and a separate one for live gigs.

I installed 9 Suite on the machine, foolishly believing that if I used the administration account, all users would have access. I paid attention to this. All users have access, but...

Every user account need to validate 9 Suite separately apparently. Is there a way around it, as I really have the composing account and the live gig account as separated accounts on the PC.

Thank you




PS : for those wondering why it's set up like this:

- we have no money to buy more than one laptop for the band.

- we need to turn off internet and all other BS running in the background when performing live

- we use different controllers and sound cards for a live gig and for composing.

So a separate account for live gigs seems to be the most logic way of doing things.


Gymnor 4 years ago | 0 comments

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