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Live 9.7.1, Windows 7 Pro. I hadn't run Ableton in a while. When I started it up, audio was really messed up. It comes out extremely choppy, and the speed of playing back clips is something like 10x slower than it should be. VSTs sound fine on their own.

I thought it might be fixed by getting the latest version, but all is the same. It's the same whether I use ASIO (asio4all) or MME, and whether I route it to headphones or to my Yamaha USB mixer -- no change no matter what I do.

What's especially weird is that this all worked fine last time I ran Ableton, and I haven't made any hardware changes!

Any ideas?





flyingspaghetti 1 year ago | 0 comments

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    Not sure, but I ran into something similar once. What fixed it for me was re-installing Live. Make sure you check your drivers too.

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