audio slow to start on clip launch

I have a scene with some drums and melody all works fine. I wanted to create some pads so recorded audio of c major chords and created the audio clips. so ex c major chord, the d, then e etc all the way up to the next c so I have 8 clips going vertically down. I would like to play the clips at will. when i click them they take a short time to start almost like they have to wait for each other to finish before next one plays they are not looped. how can i get them to play immediately on clip launch.


hope that makes sense. its not computer related as its a 5ghz ssds throughout intel quad etc.

ultimately i could dump them into machine and trigger with those pads but i think its just my inexperience showing with Ableton.


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    The clips do wait for each other - or rather, for a predefined point in musical time. This is called Launch Quantization, however it's just the default behavior and you can switch it off. You can read more about this mechanism in the Live manual here (under "Clip Lainch Quantization"):

    You can also simply set the global quantization setting to "None". Find this setting in the transport bar, right next to the metronome. 

    Hope this helps.

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