Audio offset when recording thru track or track group, why?

Should routing the signal thru a blank audio track (no plugins, no sends) before going into the recording track add delay to the signal? Because apparenty it does. Why is this?
I want to be able to switch the input of all my tracks simultaneously using a midi command. And to do this I added a track group with two tracks, both having different input, in front of my recording tracks. Then selected this track group as input for all my tracks. 
I did a small test after noticing the delay and don't really understand the results, so could someone please explain what is happening here. 
-1st track is the original sample. 
-2nd track is the 1st track played back thru ableton main out and routed back to my ableton input using the zero latency mixer of my audio interface (RME Totalmix FX) This track is pretty fine. Actually it seems I should maybe add a small delay to delay compensation? However the difference in audio is not audible, so everything's OK to me here.
-3rd track is the 1st track played back thru ableton main out, routed back to ableton input using the interface mixer (same routing as before) but the signal goes to input of a track inside a track group in ableton. track group is sending to "sends only"(sends are disabled), and the input of track 3 is set to this track group. As you can see the difference is huge!
-4th track is routed using ableton only. So track 1 is played back thru ableton main out, then signal goes to a track inside the track group that has main out selected as input, track group is sending to "sends only", sends are disabled, and the input if track 4 is set to this track group. I would have assumed the difference between tracks 3&4 and the tracks 1&2 to be the same. Afterall the only difference between tracks 3 and 4 is that the other one is routed thru interface's digital mixer and the other one is not. 
What exactly is happening here? And if zero-latency routing inside ableton is not possible, then is there another way for me to select the input with midi commands?
Thank you for your help!
(I'm using ableton 9.1, mac os x 10.8.5, buffer size is 128 samples causing input latency of 3.58ms, and output latency of 6.17ms /9.75ms alltogether) 


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