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I'm trying to setup a basic DJ setup using Live9 and a Behringer UCA222 audio interface. Link here:

The audio interface is plugged into a USB and is recognised by the PC, then I have an RCA running from the output on the interface to a channel on my amp that is then connected to my speakers. I've gone into preferences in Live and set the driver to ASIO4ALL (latest version downloaded and installed) and the audio device to ASIO4ALL v2. In output config settings I have 1/2 mono, 1/2 stereo and 3/4 stereo all highlighted when the ASIO4ALL options have the onboard soundcard selected, but then I have no sound coming from the speakers. 

In Live, I'd like to have the cue channel set to 3/4 and master out to 1/2 as I want to use the headphone port on the UCA to cue in, with the master out running through the amp/speakers. 

In Windows in the sound settings, I've got playback set to the USB audio codec/speakers option. All the system sounds are disabled and the microsoft gs wavetable synth is all off (track/sync/remote) in the midi sync options in Live. In the ASIO4ALL settings, I have the option for the soundcard in the PC (realtek High Def Audio) and the USB Audio codec. If I select the Realtek, theres no sound at all, but if select the USB audio codec, it seems to disable the stereo channels other than 1/2 so I can't setup the cue channel to 3/4. 

Please help!!

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    Problem solved!!! Realised that the stereo out on my PC needed to be set to the cue channel (channel 7/8) and the master to the UCA (channel 1/2). Wish the "easy to setup out of the box" description from Behringer actually meant that!  

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