Audio Interface gets detected as new one

Hi all,

sometimes my audio interface gets detected in Live with a "2" at the end of its name. It behaves then as a completely different new audio interface (e.g. the MIDI out of an external instrument device is greyed out since the interface it is routed to is not available, Input/Output- config is reset etc...).

If I restart or reconnect the interface in this case, its the same problem afterwards. Rebooting the computer might help, but sometimes the problem also persists afterwards. Even if I switch everything off and on again, the problem persists. 

Usually I adjust my settings for the "new" interface. When I then switch my computer off (and let it stay off at least a few hours) and then use it again, everything is fine and the interface gets detected as the old one.

Since this happens so unpredictable and I'm not able to fix it fast, I'm a little bit desperate..

I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Interface and a Windows 10 Laptop. Fast Boot (which is, according to my experience, mostly responsible for behaviour like this), USB- Powersave- Sleepmode etc is all disabled, drivers are the latest, Live- Version also.

Has anyone an idea?


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Tobe860 1 year ago | 0 comments

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