Audio In: Soundflower and External Source

Excuse my ignorance on this, but can anyone help solve a problem for me?

I am trying to route audio from Soundflower into Live on one channel AND run a signal from an external mixer (Mackie Onyx 820i) into Live on a different channel.

It seems like I can only specify either Soundflower OR Mackie 820i as the input device in Live's preferences.

Can someone provide me with some tips to help me out?



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  • FillClarke
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    You can only select 1 audio device as your input for Live.

    This would require you to route the mackie through soundflower (if that's even possible)- or to send out the soundflower sound, and take it back in throught the Mackie. (with very likely either latency or possible audio quality loss as a result...)

    I don't know what sound you're routing through soundflower, but if it's coming from a DAW like logic or reason, I recommend working with Rewire instead.

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  • fidelitarean
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    If you are on a mac you use Audio MIDI setup on the mac to create an aggregate device of your Mackie and Soundflower then choose it as your audio input within Live preferences and select the appropriate channels in the track IO section.

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  • supersecretcel
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