Audio export impossible from add folder dialog

Hi there;
Quite a newb here and to Live so apologize if that sounds dumb or anything...
Getting in touch cos I can't open audio files anymore from the add folder dialog -all the MP3/wav files come greyed- for the second time in the space of 2 months despite 2 destinstall/reinstall/authorize as a result of the issue. It seemed to be O.K for a while after having successfully completed the install/authorize procedure #1, still I haven't used the software for a bit and when I opened it again a couple of days before the same issue came up again. Quite annoying as I normally edit a lot of audio files for my DJ sets/scratch tools.
Also unable to create MIDI clips from the menu bar as the option is  consistently greyed, quite minor as I can create clips in session mode whatever but it shouldn't do that should it ? This computer has probably been a bit of a mess for sometime and Live seems to have started playing up after OS update failure with subsequent hardware/software maintenance operations including pre-crash data restoration,
What do you recommend ?

Have a nice week folks

Bert from Birmingham U.K


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    Of hou add a folder and the files inside are greyed out, that means those files are not there (anymore). Remove the folder from the browser, re-locate it and add it again. That way should work. Even if that does not work, you can simply drag and drop those same files from Finder/Explorer or even from your desktop, to work around the problem.

    About the midi clips: you can add midi clips in session (double click empty midi slot) or go into your arrangement, select/highlight a part of a midi track (to set length and location) and right-click. It should say 'insert midi clip. You can use the same steps and then use the 'create' menu in the top bar as well. But you have to select the position and length of the clip first.

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