Audio Damage Kombinat COnstantly crashing

Hello all. I thought I'd drop a line here see if anyone has had the same issue using Audio Damage's Kombinat DVA.

I am using Ableton Live 8(version 8.2.8)on a new MBP 15" 2.6 GHz i7 on Lion 10.7.5

-My typical buffer size setting in Ableton is 512
-I've had the Crashing issue with Ableton versions 8.2.1, 8.2.8,8.3, 8.3.1 and 8.3.3 and on 2 separate computers; one on os 10.6.8 and the other on Lion as I mentioned above.
-I am currently using the most current version of Kombinat DVA 2.0.1

When I load Kombinat on my 13" MacBook Pro my projects crash instantly. Now that I am using the more powerful 15" my projects crash when they load and I get in frustrating crash loops with Ableton(meaning I reopen my project automatically and it crashes while it's loading)

I experimented opening and closing projects With & without Kombinat. When Kombinat is disabled my projects(full projects 30-50 tracks) load normally. Once loaded if I then enable Kombinat and quit, Live Crashes on reload.

Kombinat loads with Preset 1"Mild Tubey Warmth" by default.It feels like the tube clip distortion setting causes CPU spikes. I think this might have something to do with the crashes. It has become a real problem because it's the distortion setting i use the most in Kombinat and i typically reach for it when I'm looking for that effect. It's also worth noting that with my new computer i rarely get over 30% CPU usage (according to Ableton's CPU status bar).

I've been going back and forth with Chris Randall from Audio Damage and so far his response as been that with the VST, "the thing that might cause the project to crash on load is an out-of-range parameter value. That is to say that Live is sending the plug-in a value for one of its parameters that is outside what the plug-in can work with. At least, that's what we see now and again. Do you use a control surface of some sort, maybe?"

I use an M-Audio Axiom 61 as a general midi keyboard and sometimes use the knobs from my Moog Slim Phatty to control certain parameters. I also have a Virus Ti Snow hooked up but do not use it has a controller.

If any of you have similar issues please weigh in. I have other "go to "distortion plugs but i love Kombinat on specific sounds and I've been putting myself through lots of "hacky" tactics to use it in my projects.

I'd really appreciate some feedback on this since i been having this issue for a while and it has recently seriously hindered my workflow.

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    Nice I think I may have solved the problem

    Chris asked me if I could send him a project which was crashing 100% of the time. As i was replying to his email it came to mind that i had not consolidated my project...i had a hunch that Collect All and Save might be a good thing to try given the problems i was having and the cause he offered up.

    After consolidating my project(using Live's Collect all and save option)Kombinat loaded instantly I then saved my project and reopened and it worked fine. Tried with 3 dif distortion settings including the infamous tube clip setting and it loaded/saved/reopened fine every time. This on my bran new finished project(84 tracks 40% cpu)

    When projects get bigger resources are spread out in many folders sometimes,in this case, on external drives. So it might be that while Live is busy gathering & buffering samples it does not or cannot send proper values to all of Kombinat's parameters

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