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I have a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 audio card and working about setting the best audio buffer for the low latency timing I found almost 3 strange problems. in order to test my setup I connected my moog via midi to the card, i made a midi loop whit quarter notes and after I recorded the moog's audio output.
1- At 128 samples I have a lower latency than 64 samples
2- If I set a bigger "driver error compensation" in ableton the sound is recorded before then the midi loop playing
3- If I zoom the recordings I can see that there is no the identical delay for all the notes, also if I made a loop whit 4 quarter notes. Ableton tell me that the delay is 0 but you can see with your eyes that is not identical for every note.

Is it normal???

there's a fourth problem I found....if I try to work with monitoring actived on an empty ableton project I can find the latency near to 0 putting the buffer on 64samples but with the same set up on a full project I have a bigger latency. I know that is due to the CPU charge but I want to know how can some musicians (as ben frost for example) work playing their instruments live directly into ableton?


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    1: First of all- It's normal that you exprience a lower latency at 128 samples then at 64 samples- That's basically the definition of samplerate:Your computer will only play back every 128th sample to you instead of every 64th sample, and therefore will only have to do half the work.-> result is faster response and more time for your computer to do other stuff. - negative- lower sound playback quality.

    2: Be very gentle with the driver eror compensation- it's for small adjustments only.

    3: If you're experiencing delay's in your recording make sure your midi device is working properly and also check all obvious things such as attack settings on your moog (these may cause a sound to be triggered in time but played back slower) Finally this process is also influenced by the recording speed of your computer (RAM and hard drive speed). Make sure all other processes are closed and your machine is suited for the application.

    In general it's possible to play an external or VST instrument like a regular instrument, and musicians generally talk about "no latency" when the overall delay results in less than 6 miliseconds. (This is the time an impulse travels from your fingertips to your brain- for vocalists it's generally a little less)

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