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With the arrow keys of my computer keyboard I can navigate through my live-set, selecting different clips. With the enter key, I can activate them.

Now my question is: Can I assign an external MIDI-controller to do the same as the enter key? I know there is the possibility of relative assignment to different tracks, but you would still need one different assignment for every track. But I just want one external assignment to trigger the now-selected clip.

Related to that: The enter key works only if the matrix-part of the screen is focused, indicated by marking the active clip yellow (as opposed to light grey if the lower part of the screen is active). Is there any way except from using the mouse to swap the focus to the matrix, thus enabling the enter key (or the external assignment for its function) again? Selecting a track via key assignment didn't work, as far as I worked it out.

I'm using Live 7.

Greets Sebastian


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    Can't remember if this was in Live 7, but in Live 8 there are some hidden controls that only appear when you're in key map or midi map modes. 

    Go into midi map mode and look right at the bottom of the scenes, below the stop clips button. There are new 4 controls that you can map: the first one plays the selected scene regardless of which track is active; the next 2 are just like the up down arrows and the last one can be mapped to a knob to scroll through scenes. 

    Mouseless scene selection and playing... hopefully it's also in Live 7 :-S Let me know!

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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