ASIO is painfully loud

Hi everybody, whenever I set my Audio Driver to ASIO, everything becomes about 25 decibels louder. When I switch back, everything goes back to normal.
Obviously this is extremely annoying and sometimes even dangerous. Any ideas to fix the volume levels while still using ASIO?
I mean, I know I can just drop the Master Channel accordingly, but surely there must be a better way.

(I'm using Live 9 and a Xonar Essence STX soundcard.)


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    This exact same thing happened to me and was extremely annoying (although I have an Essence ST (not STX)).

    Here's how I solved it.

    1. Download ASIO4ALL (it's free, I have FL Studio and it already came with it so I don't know where to download it but I think it should be easy to google for and find.)

    2. Go to "options" > "preferences" > click the "audio" tab

    3. In "Driver Type" select "ASIO"

    4. In "Audio Device" select "ASIO4ALL v2"

    5. Now click on the "hardware setup" button just below those two boxes you've just changed.

    6. Once there select your sound card "Asus Xoner Essence STX Audio Device"

    7. Check in the "Xoner Audio Centre" (seperate software that should have installed when you installed the driver for your Xoner Essence STX soundcard) that audio is coming through it. If it is then you should be able to control the volume as you usual would in win 7 by adjusting the volume in the bottom right hand side.

    Hope that Helps. 



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