ASIO driver not working with FiiO DAC

Okay so I recently bought an M-audio axiom pro and to improve latency issues with the midi keyboard I was told to install the ASIO driver. Okay, no problem, but I need to use my FiiO e7 DAC because its also the headphone amp for my AKG q701's.

Here's the problem, when I switch the driver type from the MME/DirectX to the ASIO under the ableton preferences, the only audio device that shoes up is the ASIO4ALL v2, now when I open up the interface for that, it recognizes my DAC, but says the status is "unavailable" 

here's a picture to clarify things up:

Any tips for how to change the status for this? because now the audio goes through the "Realtek High Definition Audio" and the amp in my laptop is not nearly as powerful as the one in my DAC. 




Tekk 5 years ago | 0 comments

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