Arturia Prophet parameters change for no reason? Help please :-)

Hey everyone I've been having this problem for some time but now has gotten to the point where I can't use my Arturia Prophet at all...

For some reason the filter attack changes back to 50% no matter what and I've tried everything.  I've checked to make sure that no modulation is mistakenly happening.  I put the prophet on an empty track and before I've even done anything it does the same thing- I will put the attack down to zero and it magically changes back to 50%!

Then I thought maybe if I attach the filter attack to a macro knob it would fix the problem, but it does the same thing.  Though the macro knob remains at 0, the parameter on the prophet still changes!  

This appears to be a problem with the VST itself rather than Ableton but was wondering if anyone had a solution?  Recently updated to OSX Mavericks so that could be an issue as well.  Going to try the Arturia Forum as well and see if I can find anything.  

Thanks for any help :-)



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djatwar 3 years ago | 0 comments

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