Articulations in Orchestral Packs

How I can change the articulation of an instrument while staying in the same clip?

For instance, I have a Cello, and I want to switch from Pizzicato to Staccato...currently I have to just cut the notes from one and put them in another clip.  

I read that you can adjust the articulations knob, but...there is none?  

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    Well I feed dumb, but obligated to explain my misunderstanding in case someone finds themselves in my situation.

    The packs have .adg instruments for SPECIFIC articulations AS WELL AS the general "Cello section" and "Cello Solo."

    The instruments that say the specific articulation (Cello stacc/pizz/leg-ato) ONLY work with that articulation.  The general ones "section" and "solo" are the ones that can change articulation.


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