Arrangement-track and Midi Editor not synchronized

Please forgive my stupid questions, but I am just migrating from Logic X to Ableton live. I have imported a nice Midi-track and am working on it in the arrangement-view. When I try to record midi into an other track this works, but the midi appears let's say in bars 15 to 18, while I want it to record in bars 1 to 3. I do not find a way to copy it to bars 1 to 3. It always starts to play in bars 15 to 18. It sounds right, though. Until I start to try to shift it around. Then all is confused.


What do I do wrong? I assume that there are some possibilities that I did not have in Logic. But I do not understand it.



Bluesy1905 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    Session and Arrangement are two separate things in a way. So make sure you select the correct piece of midi when you start editing. What you see in the midi editor is not necessarily the same as what you see in your arrangement. Hard to explain.

    Besides that, you can make Live start recording anywhere you want. So i think i don't quite understand your question. Can you give some more info? Or a screenshot?

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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