"Arrangement meter changes overridden by Session. Editing is disabled." message

So I had a project with a few time signature changes placed carefully in the Arrangement view. At one point they all suddenly disappeared, and each time I would press play it would attempt to create a time signature change where I was starting, looking like this:


When hovering over the bar at the top of arrangement view, this message appeared:

"Arrangement meter changes overridden by Session. Editing is disabled." 

The re-enable automation button was red and there was a greyed out red box next to the time signature numerator, as if there was automation which had been disabled, but the re-enable button did nothing when I clicked on it, simply stayed red. 

I couldn't find anyone online with this issue or any mention of this error message in the manual. What in "Session" is causing this? I even deleted all my clips from session view, tried restarting, etc. 

Even though its not a crucial issue it's extremely annoying to have a new time signature change appear everywhere I press play in Arrangement view.

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!

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  • analogueghost
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    I'm having the same exact issue right now. Very frustrating.

    2 months ago | 0 comments
  • basscheck
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    Me too

    13 days ago | 0 comments

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