Are there optimizations to be made on Mac OSX to run Ableton Live best?

I've made some obvious changes that would interrupt live performances.  Notifications, sleep mode, location services, etc...

What are the backend tweeks that are needed to make Ableton Live run it's best without any hiccups?  And anything else I missed.


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    Turning off WiFi and Bluetooth is obviously what you're doing already. Aside from that I guess keeping the amount of background processes low is generally a good idea. However, if you don't experience any issues I guess there's nothing else that's worth the effort of turning off/on every time you use Ableton.

    Context: I'm using Ableton on my main laptop that I also use for private stuff and software development and I never experienced any issues with it. It's by far not the best machine (Core i5 + 8 GB of RAM + SSD) but surely sufficient, even for larger Live Sets with around 70 channels and lotsa vst instruments and effects.

    Small tip: If you've setup your Mac to switch off the monitor when being idle, you can temporarily prevent that with free apps like Amphetamine ( or Caffeine.

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