Are there any comprehensive articles about the actual changes between the final version of Live 8 and the first version of Live 9?

It may seem a little nerdy, but it would really be a very valuable tool for my studio and I. I know this is kind of a tall order, but maybe if there isn't one, we could make a wiki page or something to explain and show every change made between Live 8 and Live 9.


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    So, I think the best place to find any information on the changes in Live 9 would be to go through the manual. In chapter 1, starting on page 3, there is a list of improvements made to Live 9. This is outlined in section 1.2.

    The manual can either be found in the Ableton Live 9 Window -> Help -> read the Live Manual

    or you can navigate to:

    Mac: Applications - Ableton Live 9 (_) -Docs and Legal - Docs >

    PC: unfortunately, I do not have a pc, but I am sure it is similar, in that you just navigate to the application and the manual will be inside.

    These changes include the following headings:


    1.2 What’s New in Live 9? 

    1.2.1 Session View Automation

    1.2.2 Envelope Editing Improvements

    1.2.3 Envelope Curves

    1.2.4 MIDI Editing Improvements

    1.2.5 Improved Keyboard Workflow

    1.2.6 Redesigned Browser

    1.2.7 Convert Harmony, Melody, or Drums to MIDI

    1.2.8 Consolidate Time to New Scene

    1.2.9 Default Presets for MIDI and Audio Tracks

    1.2.10 Device Improvements

    •The Glue Compressor •EQ Eight •Compressor •Live’s Gate effect •The Multiband Dynamics device

    1.2.11 Ableton Push


    These headings will lead you to the various improvements in Ableton Live 9 based off of the page numbers that are listed with the various sections


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    Ableton Live 9 is much far better than Live 8. The worklfow, the sound, the UI, the functions. All!

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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    I'm not sure that they made too many improvements to "The Sound" from Live 8. that might just be an opinion.

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