Are the Abes here listening?

4 quick suggestions for firmware updates:

Obviously fix the issue with 'Browse' to load a Sample / inability to show the clip on the screen...I'm assuming the inability to 'Mix" levels and audio clips on Push screen is tied to this

NEEEED to adjust the turn sensitivity on the pots when adjusting something like sample Start & End.
-Perhaps utilize the shift button for Fine tuning. I feel like I should be able to move from End to Start in a single, quick 360deg turn, finer movements with slower turns.

Separate the LED Brightness setting into 'Pads' & 'Hardware Navigation Buttons' as the lighting is vastly different between the two.

-Something weird is going on with the Browser from Push.
Add Track>Audio Track>User Files>My Loops>**NOTHING despite GB's worth of samples** I have no access to my WAVs from the Browser plane (although visible in Live's Browser).


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    Had to uninstall and reinstall to get visual feedback working.
    **EDIT** Looks like the pots now have the sensitivity I was looking for...and, SHIFT key used for fine tuning ;)

    One suggestion, copy your Preferences Folder
    C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 9.5\Preferences


    Would still love to see some improvements on hardware and browsing

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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