API for live 9?

Hey everyone. Ok, here's my problem.. I am trying to make on Liine's lemur a patch to control the transport section using OSC from lemur to a max for live midi device. My problem is that the Live object model is for the version 8 and i can't find some of the new functions that live 9 has. For example, ok, I can easily use api to control metronome on/off, start/stop transport or record quantization, but I am unable to find in the LOM the new re-enable automation button or the midi arrangement overdub (the cross button next to record button).

The obvious answer that I have a hunch I will get is that... "Dude, just map them with midi already". Well, I guess I can do that, but what i want is to throw on a dummy midi track my m4l device and start working on my music. Mapping every time the same stuff again and again is annoyingly repetitive and counter productive. So.. is there a way to work around on that? Shouldn't be somewhere an updated LOM? Am I missing something here?


Thank's in advance!


PanosLa 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • iawo
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    I found this, I don't know wether it's up-to-date.



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  • Static.something
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    Bump. I'm specifically looking for the re-enable automation one and can't seem to find it at all.

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