APC40 will launch the wrong scene, or fail to launch the triggered scene


I am working with a simple set consisting of rather long audio wav (full songs of 4-5 min duration) and 2 live guitars wired through a M-audio fast track ultra interface.
I made different loops (10-20 sec) using clips from the different wav songs, for example the intro or breakdown of a specific song is turned into a clip which I loop and add effects on to.

Now, when I use the APC40 to trigger scenes = either the loops or the longer wav (not looped), then one of the 2 following problems occurs - randomly!
- Either the selected scene will briefly blink and fail to launch (in which case the scene currently playing lights back up and continues to play)
- Or more rarely the wrong scene will launch, typically the one right below the one I selected to launch.
Importantly, this happens only with the APC40 is used to launch a scene. If I use the mouse, then the selected scene will launch properly.
Also, I have noticed that this will happen with particular scenes more so than others, but I can't tell what is set wrong with those particular scenes. No follow actions have been set either...

Is there anything I need to change with launch mode, or how the APC40 is set up??
Please help! I can't find any answers online...

Thanks a lot...


Krisboul 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • ShelLuser
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    The first thing to do here is make sure you have your APC40 correctly setup. So; it is setup as a control surface (check the preference screen; MIDI sync tab) and in the MIDI config section at the bottom only the 'remote' option needs to be turned on.

    Next think you can do is check the quantization. Either in the clip (click the L icon when in clip mode to bring up the launch section) or globally (Edit -> quantize settings).

    Hope this helps!

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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