APC40 for mixing drum racks

Is there a way that I can use the APC to mix an expanded drum rack in the session mixer? It seems that in default state, I can use the mouse to adjust levels in the drum rack mixer, but when expanded, the drum rack channels don't map across the APC. Is there a Max solution, perhaps?


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    The APC doesn't automap the volume of each chain in the drum rack by default; it maps the eight effects knobs (bottom right bank) to the eight macro knobs of the drum rack. 

    If you're not already using the drum rack macros, then one solution is to map the chain volumes to eight macro knobs. This method maintains the APC's automap functionality so that you can still tweak effects on other tracks when they are selected. However, it also restricts you to mixing only eight drum sounds at once unless you group them by mapping multiple chain volumes to the same macro.

    To gain separate control of more than eight chain volumes you have to midi map the knobs yourself, meaning their function will stay the same no matter which track is selected (not always a bad thing at all). 

    I find the top right bank of knobs very useful for this kind of thing. You probably won't miss the default pan and send controls too much; the added bonus is that there are actually 32 knobs thanks to the 4 bank select buttons below (Pan, Send A etc).

    Now you can enter midi-map mode (cmd-M) and map each of the chain volumes to their respective APC knobs, up to 32 of them. Be careful not to map the actual bank select buttons, as you won't be able to switch banks anymore! That means, after mapping the first eight chain volumes you should drop out of midi-map mode, change banks and then go back to mapping the controls as before.

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