APC40 fader issue and high-pitched hiss

So today I bought a second-hand APC40 for a good price, from a man who had had it in storage for a number of years after it was given to him by a DJ friend. It's in decent shape - one of the encoder's caps is missing, some of the buttons are a bit sticky and need to be pressed a lot in order to loosen them (I could probably clean them easy if I removed the casing), and faders 1, 3 and 4 are somewhat bent, but still work. I haven't played with it much yet, but everything seems to work well, except for:

The channel 5 fader. It can move mechanically alright, but in Live itself it cannot move the fader of any channel it's assigned to past about -57 db if I turn it all the way up. The maximum varies between this and -64 db, seemingly depending how hard or fast I move the fader. This is also true if it's MIDI mapped to anything else, and if the MIDI range is reduced to inf-minus 60 to compensate.

As well, there is a prominent high pitched hiss coming from the device. It seems to be generated by the LEDs - the more that are active (whether from clip lauch buttons or encoder LEDs) causes the sound to get louder. I confirmed this by loading the entire 8x5 grid with clips, then duplicating it into an empty grid and moving back and forth - the sound got progressively quieter as less buttons were active. As well, the sound distinctly oscillated in time with the flashing LEDs when a scene was triggered.

So is it possible to fix the fader issue with replacement parts? Is the hissing fixable, or is it a design flaw (could it be a serious one)? I can live with just about all the other things I listed about the controller, but the fader issue must eventually be fixed, for obvious reasons. Does the fader fix require something more extensive? Is the unit just defective and should I try to return or replace it? Any and all replies would be much appreciated - I need to know how I'll deal with this!!

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