APC20 + other controllers = does it work?

Dear Fellow Ableton Users,

I am borrowing an APC20 right now to use with Live 8.  I'd like more knobs/faders/etc. to work with as I perform so I don't have to keep hitting "shift" on the APC20.

Presently I own a BCR2000 and a nanoKONTROL.  Is it possible to use one or both of them in conjunction with the APC20?  I've tried with the nanoKONTROL and haven't be able to get it to work.

I like the APC20 and might prefer to stay with it over the APC40 due to size and cost.


Ryan (synaxis)



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    Should work fine. Just make sure you assign every controller in a different slot in the preferences, under midi settings. I use an APC40, axiom 25 and Maschine, and they all work fine together.

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