APC 40 MK I: pan & send encoder mapping issues for DJ Template project

For some time now I've been working on a DJ Template for eventual use with my APC and Push. The former is the heart of it, with the first four channels as four mixer decks. Each deck track has two effect racks with a total of six effect macros, an EQ three with each band to a macro, and the Xfer DJM filter VST with it's own macro - ten macros in all per deck. As it is I have the lower "Device Control" bank of eight encoders on my APC assigned to the low-freq EQ bands and DJM filter for each of the four decks, while with the top "Track Control" bank I intend to have four separate banks of eight macros mapped to the other FX, accessed by the Pan and Send buttons. (The Pan will be for mid and high EQ bands for each track, while the three Sends will have the six other effects macros of each of the four decks in sets of two each.)

Image to clarify: https://40.media.tumblr.com/204d76a889bedea482a4ddec81b77e8b/tumblr_ns2swh6Qjp1uu9c9bo1_1280.png

Now: my problem is that when I switch between the Pan and Send macro banks, the positions of the encoders are stuck. For instance, if I switch to Send 1 and move any one of the encoders and then switch back to Pan, the encoder's position LEDs won't reset to the position of the macro it's mapped to in that bank, and if I nudge the encoder again the corresponding macro will jump to the LED's value. This is the same for all three of the Send banks and all eight of the encoders.

So is there any way to fix this? Is it a glitch with the APC or the software? And will I have to look to a third party solution such as Bome or ClyphX in order to get around it?

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