APC 40 Focus by click on colum e.g. select a Track

I need some help please. Does anybody done the Trick ..

Sliding the range of the yellow APC40 Box-Range with the Bank Select Button to the right/left up/down you can realize with APC40, but,
how can i Focus with klicking on e.g. Track 28 and automaticly move the APC40 Range Focus with it. Saw this at a friend which is working with Logic Pro and a little (8track) Behringer Digital Mixer. It always focus the active Track and you can edit it with Volume Pan, etc. So you don't allways have to move it on the Mixer again.


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  • S.Rueckwardt
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    Hi, the colored navigation grid box moved not automatically to the selected mouse selected track..
    Lock like you mean a Mackie mode .
    For the Behringer BCR exist a Mackie mode ..this works with trackselecting and the controller fallow...
    But for APC 40 I dont no now its a quiet different controller as the Behringer ..when you will find a Mackie mode tells me please..
    No sworry The BCR BCF one of the best controller for customizing your midi CC setup .
    Without Python or max for live is needed..
    But maxfor live can help ....
    You need a max device that modes your APC controller session navigation Grid so that it moved with your track selecting .
    Sounds possible ...
    Lock on maxforlive.com there can be exist a device for that...
    For example the device called move clip Grid....
    Check it....
    MfG Sebastian R.

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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