Anyone using Ableton on an MS tablet?.. I can use it but the faders, zoom etc dont respond correctly

I have a MS surface pro and I am able to load ableton onto it and open fine... I can play sounds and do all the things I need to do to load and get the program to work... however any fader, knob, or even the zoom tool when looking at a midi clip max's out when I try to click and drag... and it will not reset... In other words its like the mouse click is sending on off information to the knob, slider, etc... but really just the on. Also drawing midi notes automatically draws to the beginning. If I click on a fader or knob or zoom... it will make the mouse disappear and max out the selected item. The mouse reappears 2 inches higher and to the left of the item after pushing. I feel like this has somehting to do with the touch technology and how live is interpretting the information... instead of being incremental its like it just skips to the top. Please advise on how I may solve this as I would love to use this as an onstage option as well as a traveling environment. Thanks greatly for your help....



hartsteen 1 year ago | 0 comments

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