Anyone use the pitch envelopes to tune a vocal in one spot, only to find that the whole track is affected?

Hi all,

So, I have an a capella vocal that is silghtly out of tune in a certain place.  I retuned it using the modulation envelope using breakpoints.  This is just in one spot -- I did retune the other places in the file.

But when I played back the whole sample, I discovered that the entire vocal clip had re-tuned glitchy spots re-tuned.  Even worse, the pitch correction works properly when I play it in loop mode, but when I start the sample from the beginning, the pitched part is totally out of sync from where I originally put it.

I took the pitch envelope out, and the sample was restored to normal.  No wacky out of tune notes (except in the original.)

Can I work around this without using another editor, or is Ableton's pitch correction just buggy, and I'll have to use something else?



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    (pitch envelope and modulating pitch are different)

    im assuming you are using the transpose and detune controls in the clip window?


    if so, all thats doing is slowing down or speeding up the playback of the audio where you have it modulated.

    you need to use a device like frequency shifter instead of those transposition controls



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