Any way to arbitrarily/manually assign MIDI control numbers?

Context: I have a VST plugin (MIDIShaper) which sends out MIDI control messages, to modulate controls on other synths as an LFO.

I can't figure out how to assign a MIDI control besides going to MIDI Map Mode and turning the knob on a control surface. Once I do this (even if I uncheck 'Lock to control surface') the MIDI control signals sent from MIDIShaper are ignored.

For example, I turn on MIDI Map Mode and turn a controller knob. This assigns cc 33 to a parameter. Then I turn off 'Lock to control surface'. Then I tell MIDIShaper to send control on 33. It still ignores it.

Any ideas?


dangrmous 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • jar
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    Cableguys just uploaded a new video showing how to modulate Live's devices and Live's parameters:

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  • sacredgeometry
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    Try editing the MIDI settings in the preference panel, perhaps turn track or remote off depending on if they are CC or MIDI (note etc) messages. 


    Alternatively are you limiting the tracks MIDI in to just the MIDIShaper coming back into live? (I assume thats the one you want controlling your synths inside live.)

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