Any live users want to tell me how to get the TC -Helicon voicelive touch working through Ableton ? Ive tried everything i can think of!

Ive set the usb to stereo, ive tried the mono connection to my soundcards line in. I have a novation nio 2|4 and i cant get a peep out of it. Any help much appreciated.


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    Voicelive is an effect module, so doesn't make any sound. You have to route sound into it, either from an external instrument or mic, or from Live.

    To route audio from live through the fx unit:
    - Set output (track) to ext. Out on your soundcard.
    - Use the audio output from your soundcard to send audio (with cables) to the TC Helion.
    - Plug the cables into the TC Helion input.
    - connect the output from the TC Helion into the external input of your soundcard.
    - Create an input track in Live, and set the input to ext. In.

    You can also do this on a send channel or any regular track by using Live's 'external effect' plugin and set the ins/ outs in the same way.

    If you are using an external instrument or mic, you only have to set the correct input.

    Set the soundcard settings in your preferences. Input: NIO 2/4
    Output NIO 2/4.
    Make sure to activate the inputs and outputs you are using.

    Now, you should be able to send any signal from live to the effects unit and then route it back into Live to record it.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hey mate thanks for this info, what I'm struggling with is this. Syncing my vl2 my beat buddy and ableton live 8, I would like to set one bom for them all at once, is this possible at all, I have setup my vl2 to sync with the beatbuddy but have hit a dead end. Hope you can help thanks for your time, cheers Timmy

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  • rhythmlink
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    Anyone, Beuler, anyone?

    2 years ago | 3 comments

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