Any ideas for mapping chain selector AND macros for the ultimate drum rack?

I'm working on an Ableton Live production / sound design template and am hoping to use the same 16 encoders on my MIDI Fighter Twister ( to control parameters nested within 16 different drum rack pads. I'm wondering if this is even possible with standard MIDI mapping, or if I would need to use a MIDI Remote Script (which I have almost zero experience creating). I think it would be relatively easy to do with MIDI mapping if the MF Twister had 16 banks / pages of controls (essentially creating a total of 256 encoders), but it only has 4 banks. Let me explain my vision in a bit more detail... 
I'm trying to expand on this concept of wrapping your favorite drum samples into a single drum rack for quick search and previewing like this tutorial shows:
I want to do the same thing — group my favorite drum samples in 16 different instrument racks within 16 drum rack cells. However, in addition to being able to select the sample with an encoder, I'd like to use the Twister's other 15 encoders to control parameters of whichever drum pad I've selected.
I think this could be done if the macros of each of the 16 nested instrument racks were mapped to a different page of the Twister (but again, the Twister only has 4 pages)...
For example, page 1 would be Kick parameters, page 2 would be Snare parameters, page 3 might be Closed Hi-hat parameters, etc., etc. So, I would switch banks on the Twister to choose which of these drum "sound sets" I want to tweak, and then the first eight encoders would modify that sound set as follows:
(1) Sample Select
(2) Filter Cutoff
(3) Transpose / Pitch
(4) Volume
(5) Attack
(6) Decay
(7) Sustain
(8) Release
To spice things up even more: The Twister's remaining eight encoders would be mapped to an *EMPTY* Audio Effect Rack which is nested in the drum rack after the instrument rack. The reason it would be empty is so I could add whatever effect I might want (reverb, delay, etc.) and manually map my favorite parameters to those pre-mapped macros. 
Anyway... Overall it seems like I may not be able to do this without some custom scripting — and I'm open to trying that, but from what I've learned so far, MIDI remote scripting (beyond just modifying the "UserConfiguration.txt" file) is WAY over my head. However, there may be other methods I'm not thinking of that would achieve the result I'm going for.
Hoping someone here can lend a little expertise. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks!
By the way, I'm running Live 9.6.1


D.T.M.F. 2 years ago | 0 comments

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