Any Drummer here using Ableton on stage?

Hey this is directed to the Drummers out there using Ableton live on stage. 

My Question is: what is your best choice for controlling Ableton from a drumset? 

There is a logical limitation: the hands are already occupied handling drumsticks so there are two options:


Option 1: A footcontroller like the Behringer FCB or Ketih Mcmillen Softstep 

Option 2: A padcontroller which you can hit with your drumstick

I read that the DrumKAT is pretty cool, but it is also pretty expensive.

So i would love to know if anybody has some real life experience he could share on what is the best way to control Ableton from a Drumset.

Thanks in advance! 



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    Hey André - I am using a 2nd hand Drumkat for performance. (for Midi remote, triggering sounds, switching my mic on/off)

    Which gear to pick depends on what you exactly want to do/what you want to control.

    I love beeing able to control as much I can with my sticks so 10 Pads (plus x trigger inputs) on a Drumkat gives me a lot of freedom. If you just want to switch between songs or settings you might be alright with only 2-4 pads.

    If you want to get some ideas of what I m doing with Ableton live check this video

    or check my course on  

    cheers Tobi



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  • Cheftunes
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    Dear Tobi, 

    thanks for your long and detailed answer, thats awesome! 

    Also thats what i was looking for :) 

    I also want to control as much stuff as possible with my hands, so maybe i check the DrumKat again. 

    What kind of put me off was the price. It is not cheap to be honest. But i saw the DrumKat EZ Drumpad is pretty cheap. Maybe that is an option. 

    I checked you video: awesome stuff! Will also check the course out. 

    Great that someone took the time to go deep with this topic! :)

    Keep up the good work! 


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