Analog: How does "Gli" work?

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The Gli button on the Analog module of Ableton live, which stands for Glide, creates a transition between pitch changes where the tone "bends" up or down. The amount of time the transition takes is based on the value of the time.

You can enable and disable Legato which changes whether or not the glide requires overlap between notes in order to take effect (when legato is disabled, EVERY note will glide, even if there was silence before it).

There are also two modes for the glide (Constant and Proportional). Constant means the transition duration is always the same, proportional means the transition will change duration based on the difference in tone (so wider tone shifts will have slower transitions).

I'm trying to understand what exactly this all means. To do so I am starting with the most simple inputs as possible. These questions assume one sine wave oscillator, and an amp at a constant 100%

My questions:

  1. Time is written as a percentage, what is it a percentage of? Does a glide of 0% have no glide effect? How long will a 100% glide last?
  2. When proportional mode is enabled, what is the formula of the impact on the glide duration. For instance, what is the duration difference between a whole tone glide to a half tone glide, or an octave glide. Is the difference linear?
  3. When legato is disabled, and the glide duration is set to be very long (e.g. 100%), does the glide continue even after the key is no longer being pressed or does the glide pause? For instance, if a glide from G to B take 10s to complete, and I release "B" after 2 seconds, would I hear "A" if I pressed "B" again on the 5th second?
  4. Is it possible to glide on an analog instrument where multiple voices are allowed? If so, what determines which voice glides?

Thanks for helping a control freak understand the tool.


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