Am using Live to sing and play over backup tracks for gigs. How do I eliminate or lessen transition time between songs/projects?

Playing wave files, separate tracks within a project (arrangement view - drums, bass, guitar, etc.) to sing and play over. Need to lessen or eliminate the transition time between songs/projects to keep the pace going, especially for dance tunes.

I also use the loop function for many songs, sometimes jamming with another musician, or musicians. I could put all the songs in one long project, in arrangement mode, but would only be able to use loop function in one song. I've invested a lot of time and money into this, and need to make it work, and would be grateful for any help. Any ideas?


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    Just use session view. You can put one song or even one segment of a song into a scene and step through them with a MIDI- CC- command (would recommend a dedicated foot switch for this) which is mapped to the "Launch selected Scene" button (only visible in the mapping mode). Also make sure "select next scene on launch" is selected in the preferences. You can select for every Clip in each scene if its looped or not. 

    If you need a break between the songs, just create eighter an empty scene or a scene with a empty MIDI clip in a seperate track which sends a short MIDI CC command to a virtual midi port which is routed back to Live and mapped to the "Stop" button.

    If your Songs have different tempi, just write e.g. 128BPM in the Scenename.

    Hope this helps! :)

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