Also how do you assign velocity & pressure/aftertouch to different things on both ableton instruments & third party? Thanks


Also how do you assign pressure/aftertouch to different things on both ableton instruments & third party? Can all third party synths be configured to respond to both?



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    I know this question is pretty old but it is not really answered here so...

    In first place you should check if the synth you want to control using velocity/aftertouch supports this kind of modulation. If the synth doesn't support it there is a Max device that allows you to assign any incoming velocity/aftertouch plus others (Modwheel, Pitchbend, Keytrack) to any parameter on Live. This m4l device is named Expression Control.amxd and it is part of the Max for Live Essentials/Max Midi Effects/Control Devices MIDI.

    If you wan't to control a third party synth's parameter you need to add it first to the Live GUI panel by using the Configure mode.

    Also there are two kinds of aftertouch: Chain and polyphonic. Push sends both of them. When you enter un drum rack mode, it uses the polyphonic aftertouch to control de velocity off the drum notes when using the repeat function, then when you leave drum rack mode it backs to chain aftertouch. You can force Push to send poly or chain by using a sysex message. The thing is that to get fully advantage of polyphonic aftertouch the synth must be designed with that kind of modulation in mind, for example Moog Model 15 on iPad or the Animoog also on iPad. If you are interested on polyphonic aftertouch enabled synth may be you should check on synths are Roli enabled.


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    I've been trying to figure this out too, I just found this post.  Hopefully it does the trick!

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