All imported files play at the same speed, is there any way to fix this.

I recently installed this software to DJ a wedding party. I'm unfamilar with it and have tried importing a few songs. However these songs are playing at a far too high tempo and when I fix one of them the others seem to match the speed. Is there any way of all the songs playing at the speed in which they were meant to be played without doing so much extra work ?

Thanks in advance for any reply



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  • Warrior Bob
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    To elaborate on Near Earth Object's answer:

    Anything in Live that is fixed to tempo lines (MIDI clips, warped audio clips, tempo-sync'ed effects) will play based the Global Tempo, which is specified in the upper left, next to the "TAP" button.

    This is probably why your other songs are changing when you fix one of them; you're probably fixing it by changing the Global Tempo.

    The idea behind this is that you can warp all of your songs by putting those songs' beats where they should be on the beat lines, then no matter which one you're playing, it'll play at the global tempo. By varying the global tempo as you transition between songs, you can play a DJ set where the songs are never out of time with each other, which is pretty useful.

    However, sometimes you don't want them to have variable tempo, you want them to just play when triggered. In this case, like Near Earth Object said, just disable warping for those tracks. You can select all of the clips at once and then turn off the Warp switch, if you like. 

    If you do this, you may also want to change the launch mode for these clips so that they don't trigger based on the global tempo, and simply start whenever you trigger them. That way you don't have to wait for some inaudible bar line before your next song triggers, which might be useful in a DJ setting.

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Select the track; in the bottom left part of the screen turn off the "warp" button. This should leave the track in its original tempo again.

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  • Bitriplex
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    If you would have Live default to playing long samples as they are, in the Warp section of Live’s Preferences :

    "If the Auto-Warp Long Samples preference is on, Live assumes that long samples contain music that should be played in sync with the Live Set’s tempo. If you would rather have Live default to playing long samples as they are, disengage this preference."

    I find it really useful and I think that you too :)

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