Alesis Q49 problem

I am using an Alesis Q49 keyboard and Live 9. So, despite I can see that Live 9 gets a MIDI signal from my keyboard, no sound comes out from my speakers.

Also, at the MIDI preferences there is not a suitable control surface for my keyboard. What am I supposed to do?


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    (I assume you are a newbie like me)

    Your Alesis Q49 does not produce it's own sounds.

    You need to select a sound from the Ableton library on the left of the main window and allocate it to the Ableton midi track recording your Alesis Q49's output.

    You can pick any instrument; keyboard, guitar, drum or bass or more.

    If you are unable to record your midi input then read the in-built help file to get your midi in working and the midi track armed and record activated.  

    Select an inbuilt virtual instrument by drag and drop onto that midi track from the Ableton instruments menu.

    Then Ableton will be able to produce sounds based upon your keyboard inputs via the particular Ableton virtual instrument you selected.

    If you still don't hear anything then read the in-built help file to get your audio out working.  

    If you want to also record the sounds made on midi playback, you will need to create an audio track above or below the midi track which takes it's audio input from the midi track. Again you have to arm the audio track to record.

    Get the info on how from the help files.

    Regarding control surface, Ableton supports only a popular handful of the many thousands out there.

    Ableton works happily without that extra level of control. If you want to try and get your keyboard fully driving parts of Ableton you will have to read the midi control assignment help files.  

    But a mouse and keyboard drives Ableton nicely, so forget about assigning controls for now. Just play your keyboard and use Abletons inbuilt sound processing plugins to shape the sound.

    Ableton help files are actually quite good! Better than most out there.

    The built in help is visible on the right toggled on and off to free up desktop real estate, plus the main help file pdf which is accessible via a menu choice at the top of the window or by going to the Ableton program folder and looking for the pdf. Plus there is a mouse hover help in the bottom left corner that can be toggled on or off. I find that hover one the most helpful.


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