Alesis DM6 MIDI Drum Kit - How to Drum Roll without Cutting Off Each Note

Hey All,


I hope the title to my thread is somewhat clear. Here is my issue.


I have an Alesis DM6USB electric drum kit, and the onboard samples are pretty bland. I want to use the kit to play customized drum kits on Ableton. The set up is no problem, I've used a DrumRack and loaded all the samples, and each of the pads on my kit triggers the corresponding sample (snare, tom, crash, etc) without problem. So, this is NOT a "my drumkit isn't triggering my samples in Live!?!?" question.


MY ISSUE is this. When I do a drum roll, for example a snare roll, the output sounds choppy. This is because I am hitting the pad at different velocities. I am not a great drummer, so the first hit of my drum roll is louder than the next hits. The effect of this is a very loud first hit snare sound, which is then abruptly cut off by the next, softer, strike of the snare.


On an acoustic kit, the snare would still be vibrating after the first hit, and would continue to do so throughout the drum roll, and even if the next his was softer, the decay from the first hit would still be present. 


I obviously want the hits to be velocity sensitive to play more expressively and dynamically. What I want is for each strike to play the entire MIDI sample, and have successive strikes (on the same MIDI note) layer that same sample on top of the previous sample(s), in place of cutting off that previous sample, which leads to an unnatural sound.


I hope this makes sense. This is my first post on this forum, I did research this a lot but couldn't find an answer, perhaps because I am not using the proper terminology.









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    I think what you are referring to is a so called "chhoke" function. Many samplers have this function. A choke group is a groupof sounds that will cut eachother off when any other sample in that same group is played.

    Maybe you are using a drumrack setting that puts all sounds in the same choke group?

    To check this: load a drum rack, and click on the button that shows the chain of every loaded sound.

    Now you can set the choke group for every single sample. If you do not want the choke function to be active, make sure the choke function says "none". Hope this helps.

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