Albeton Live Performance Set incorporating analog hardware via Master/Slave syncing...

I recently purchased the Korg Volca keys and beats and cannot time-sync the step-sequencer on them with Ableton Live. I am hoping that my Volcas will step sequence in-time with my pre-produced clips. I have already connected the Volcas via midi cable, and am receiving a master-slave tempo control only...and they will not trigger on bar (clock). I used the "external instrument" device in Ableton to route my Volca in, for midi and audio, via my soundcard(5pin midi cable and 1/4" audio cable). 

Question 1: Is this even possible? I have looked everywhere and I can't seem to find much about midi clocking the sequencer to a quantized beat. 
If so... 
Question 2: Am I using the correct device (ext. instrument) to route them in? 

To note: I want to be able to do this live. I have found tutorials where people are premaking midi clips with the volca sounds, that the volca then sequences though. This isn't what I'm trying to do. 


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