Albeton Live Performance Set incorporating analog hardware via Master/Slave syncing...

I recently purchased the Korg Volca keys and beats and cannot time-sync the step-sequencer on them with Ableton Live. I am hoping that my Volcas will step sequence in-time with my pre-produced clips. I have already connected the Volcas via midi cable, and am receiving a master-slave tempo control only...and they will not trigger on bar (clock). I used the "external instrument" device in Ableton to route my Volca in, for midi and audio, via my soundcard(5pin midi cable and 1/4" audio cable). 

Question 1: Is this even possible? I have looked everywhere and I can't seem to find much about midi clocking the sequencer to a quantized beat. 
If so... 
Question 2: Am I using the correct device (ext. instrument) to route them in? 

To note: I want to be able to do this live. I have found tutorials where people are premaking midi clips with the volca sounds, that the volca then sequences though. This isn't what I'm trying to do. 



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  • Jon Mac
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    I don't think you can do it. The Volca Beats only has midi in so you can't get it to write midi to Ableton. You can use Ableton as the step sequencer and play it through the Volca. Sorry if that's not what you meant.

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