Akai Pro MPK Midi or NI Massive

So, I have just enough money for one or the other and am into making Electro House and Dubstep and was wondering which one I should get first. I don't have a midi controller so it would make production easier but then I would have to find a way to make a bass and synths a different way till I got Massive so which one should I get first?


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  • Electrodaimon
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    I would get the MPK.

    NI Massive is an awesome synthesizer and you can create some really weird stuff with it (I would imagine it would work great for dubstep basses), but the advantages of having a controller is so much greater than getting a new synthesizer plugin. I'm sure you have other synthesizers you can use that can produce a great sound.

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  • lsc9x
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    Yes, get the controller.  That's the short answer!

    Better yet, check out the Akai MPK25.  I got the MPK Mini, and it's GREAT, but if you want more control over the dub-step wah wah, you might want the pitch and modulation wheels that come on the MPK25.

    If you have any analogue synths with decent automation, you should be able to produce some snarly/dubby wub wub stuff without Massive.

    Actually, any synth with filter cutoff and resonance automation can make dubstep type sounds, but I agree with first post that Massive is great!

    Happy keying...

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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