Akai MPD 32: No MIDI through USB ?

When I try to set up the MPD in the Midi Sync options, there is no midi port listed for it. I only have the midi ports from the Tascam interface (which I may end up using, but...) and my laptop's built-in soundcard.

A screenshot to better explain, perhaps: http://i.imgur.com/8shryao.jpg

I have connected my MPD 32 to my laptop's USB port, it is on and working (and I did this before launching Ableton Live (8 lite)). 
I also have a Tascam us-144 plugged into the other USB port and it has been configured and tested with Live.

Why doesn't Ableton see the MPD? Would there be any major differences/drawbacks to connecting it through the MIDI ports of the interface (I'm worried about latency and such).

PDATE: I've checked to see that the MPD32 is recognized by the computer (in Win XP Device Manager), it IS listed - USB Audio Device (under sound, video & game controllers). But not in Ableton?


CBone 5 months ago | 0 comments

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