Akai MPD 32: No MIDI through USB ?

When I try to set up the MPD in the Midi Sync options, there is no midi port listed for it. I only have the midi ports from the Tascam interface (which I may end up using, but...) and my laptop's built-in soundcard.

A screenshot to better explain, perhaps: http://i.imgur.com/8shryao.jpg

I have connected my MPD 32 to my laptop's USB port, it is on and working (and I did this before launching Ableton Live (8 lite)). 
I also have a Tascam us-144 plugged into the other USB port and it has been configured and tested with Live.

Why doesn't Ableton see the MPD? Would there be any major differences/drawbacks to connecting it through the MIDI ports of the interface (I'm worried about latency and such).

PDATE: I've checked to see that the MPD32 is recognized by the computer (in Win XP Device Manager), it IS listed - USB Audio Device (under sound, video & game controllers). But not in Ableton?


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  • JamesMiles
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    This problem may have occurred if Live was started before the MPD32 was connected.  When the program starts up, it asks the operating system (Mac OS X or Windows) for all the available MIDI devices.

    If the MPD32 (or any other MIDI device) is not connected to Live before the program starts, Live may not be able to connect to it.

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