Akai EWI USB: how to map breath controller to filter frequency?

I want the breath controller of my Akai EWI USB to control the filter frequency of my Analog instrument, not the volume. A previous answer (https://www.ableton.com/answers/is-anyone-using-an-akai-ewi-or-another-wind-controller-with-live-8-instruments) suggested:

  1. right-click the filter frequency control
  2. select 'Edit MIDI Map' (which turns the screen purple)
  3. blow on the EWI until the CC2 or CC7 appears in the top left of the screen

This was fine but on step 3 nothing has appeared (believe me I've tried). I'm using Live 9.5.

Can anyone help me out here?


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    aaaaaand of course 2 minutes later ....

    So I set these things to 'On' ( http://i.imgur.com/nvodxAT.jpg) and it did what i wanted it to.



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