AKAI APC40 Professional not sending MIDI signals

Hi, I have an AKAI APC40 Professional and Ableton Live 9 Suit and I am having a problem with the two. Everything is plugged in and running, but my controller board does not want to send any MIDI signals. I changed USB cables, I played around with the MIDI Sync Preferences, and looked up my problem for a few days now and I have only found one thing. When I go under the preferences and select none under output the controller sends out MIDI signals, but that causes another problem, it does not work properly. I will have a drum rack set up but the 64 pad won't light up and every button activates the drum rack including the track selection, scene launch, record arm, everything. And it also works in rows, each row has one destination on the drum rack.  

So, now that my long explanation is over, does anyone have any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you  


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    Did you select the MPC-40 as a control surface and for the input/output in the Live preference menu, under "Link / MIDI" (third tab)?


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