AKAI APC40 problem - midi mapping problems

So its a great piece of equipment and I thought I would get dive into midi mapping. I downloaded a DJ template from here http://www.vimeo.com/groups/15554/videos/6993740.

It was interesting and all but I thought that I could map out my APC40 the way I wanted to rather than use Will's.

Anyway this is where my problem started. I have now lost my red rectangle and all default midi mappings.

I wrote off to ableton and got this response
"To get back to the automatic mapping for the APC40 in Live, please go to the Preferences > MIDI/Sync. Turn off all controls for the APC40 under the MIDI Ports. Only leave the APC40 set as the Control Surface and its respective input and output".

This doesn't work. I can not see my red navigation frame or scene launch or anything.

Lights are turned it doesn't seem to be communicating with ableton.

Ideas everyone? Please!



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    if you actually overwritten files when you installed this template then your best option is to re-install Live. If otoh you added files then all you should need to do is basically as the Abes said: go to the preference screen (midi section) and make sure that your control surface setting (at the top) is set to "Akai APC40" for both Input & Output.

    Next check the I/O section at the bottom and make sure that you have "Remote" (and only remote) enabled for both Input & Output.

    That should do the trick. If it doesn't then I'd start to wonder if your APC itself hasn't been affected (I don't want to scare you, but it is possible to reset it in such ways that things don't work anymore).

    One way to check on that is to see if 'demo mode' still works (turn it on while disconnected and see if it starts to demo).


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