Advice for setting up a live performance?

Hello all:

I am looking for your advice on our live performance setup.

1. What do you recommend on how to create vocal effect automation that is synced to certain parts of our songs (for instance - during the verses, a hall reverb and in the chorus a delay effect will automatically come on the tracks we have for our vox, and synced to the backing track). I have been a pro tools and reason user for years, and finally purchased Ableton live (Intro). My goal is just to be able to set up each song session and then be able to kind of "pre-print" effects during each part so all our vocal effects can be in the laptop, rather than through pedals.

2. What, in your experience, is a great way to set up a click track for our tracks?
We are an "alternative" duo just starting to play live over the past few months. We have about 14 songs recorded, and we have stripped them back to essential backing tracks. Currently, we switch off playing keys, bass, guitar and singing on top of them. Right now we are just playing over a backing track through my ipod into a dibox that is sent through a stage monitor, and we have a minimalized beat playing to keep time.

But, there are certain parts of our songs where the backing track beat will drop out completely, and we need to somehow keep time until the next part comes in. We both have in ear noise-canceling headphones we can use but nothing wireless. We have currently been advised to bounce our backing tracks to mono, then send one channel to the sound person and the other channel can be sent to our left or right ear as a click track. 
Also, we are about to go back to the gentleman who mixed our debut album to ask him to bounce down our tracks without the parts we will be playing live. Originally, I thought it would be cool to print each track (with effects etc...) so that I could cut it up or manipulate it in Ableton, but the idea of trying to bounce or print 40-60 plus tracks per song seems a little daunting. So, I am basically settled on the idea of asking him to just bounce down what we need as a mono mix, and then having a click in our other ear. All our tracks are currently recorded on the "grid" in pro tools.

In case it is important: for my gear, I currently use a pedalboard for guitar/bass effects and I have purchased a midi foot controller and also an akai apc mini. Our laptop will be running ableton live, and all our beats I created in Reason. All our final tracks were mixed in pro tools.

Thank you very much for your advice.


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    simple way to create automated effects:


    1. add a new audio channel (if you don't have any clips or audio in session view on the channel you want to automate, you can skip to number 4 and add the clip to whatever channel you need)

    2. route the audio you want to process into the new channel

    3. switch Monitor to "in" on the new channel

    4. add an audio clip to the new audio channel in scene view (any will do, smaller is better for RAM sake), set the clip volume to -inf (so it doesn't play anything)

    5. change the length and loop parameters to suit
    - doesn't matter how long the actual audio file is, you can make it any length you want in ableton

    6. now you can edit automation in that clip to trigger later


    done :)


    (duplicate the clip as many times as you like to create different automated effects)

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