additional packs

I have downloaded the extra packs today. My drive with plugins and content is my ssd D drive.

I have copied and stored the 30 so packs on a slower drive "E:"


When I double click the additional pack does it uncompress and go somewhere automatically?


My d drive has only 12gb left on it so I havnt installed the packs yet.



1. do the compressed packs need to be in the factory packs directory?

2. if not i assume i can store them elsewehere?

3. when installed where does the content go?


so my dilemma is space:

c: ssd has 211gb free

d: plug ins and hoped all content has 12gb free (but downloaded files are in factory plugin directory)

e:loads free but 7500 rpm drive

maybe option would be too put those packs on C and leave d freer and record sound to there.


regards in advance



PB21 5 years ago | 0 comments

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